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What's New 5-19-23


Walk Around the Moon, DMBs 10th studio album, took shape during the pandemic and is as much a reflection on the current times as it is an urge to find common ground. On lead single, Madmans Eyes, Middle Eastern textures weave with heavy horns and strings as Matthews ask unflinchingly, When its too late to untwist the knife / How do we face hatred with the love inside us.


A stunning, intricately layered work which establishes an engaging and meditative, almost hymnal soundscape, with Simons lyrics providing the gravitational center for constellations of sound woven from guitar strings and other acoustic instrumentation including choral elements from the highly-regarded British vocal ensemble VOCES8, and a beautiful vocal appearance by Edie Brickell.


The Love Invention marks Alisons reawakening as a dancefloor priestess, in an intoxicating showcase of the disco and house influences that have always been at the heart of her musical DNA. Its a yearning synth-pop confection with blissful choruses over a buoyant, rubberized beats exploding out of a glitter cannon.

Third Man

Island of Love are a unique proposition in many ways. While countless London bands continue to go down the same tired path of churning out spoken word post-punk, this one marries raw, primal noise led by crunchy guitars with intrinsically melodic sensibilities - recalling the sound and spirit of peak-era Dinosaur Jr. or Husker D.


Bringing together a plethora of influences from across the decades, Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas have never sounded more timeless than on their sixth studio record. Putting their Disney days firmly in the past, The Album is a statement piece that showcases the trio not only as singers, but fully formed artists delivering their strongest material to date.


Mobys second album on Deutsche Grammophon following 2021s Reprise. Digging further into his catalog, Moby has reimagined fifteen of some if his most iconic tracks for his new album, Resound NYC. The album features tracks that he wrote between 1994-2010 while living in New York City, and the new versions feature a vibrant, brass-heavy sound.

XL Recordings

Across the twelve-track project, Overmono journey through a powerful distillation of their musical career so far; incorporating massive single "So U Kno" alongside new music that propels them beyond the dancefloor. The epitome of 2023 sound, Good Lies breathes a continuously dynamic aura; a perfect picture of what electronic music is morphing into.


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