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Joe Jackson Band - Vol. 4 [Import]


Format: CD
Label: Pid
Catalog: 1701_42364_0540
Rel. Date: 03/11/2003
UPC: 014431063824

Vol. 4 [Import]
Artist: Joe Jackson Band
Format: CD
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Joe Jackson has taken a curious shift in recent years. After making a careerof never repeating himself and turning creative directions on a dime-evenwhen commercial prospects would dictate otherwise-he's been quietlyand quite willingly, revisiting his past. He celebrated his repertoire in atrio format on 2000's dynamic Summer in the City: Live in New York,and later that year he revisited, conceptually at least, his most popular albumon Night and Day II. And now Jackson is playing like it's 1979.

For Volume 4, the classically trained singer, songwriter, keyboardistand acerbic lyricist has reunited the Joe Jackson Band, the quartet he workedwith on his first three albums and with whom he scored the hit single "IsShe Really Going Out With Him?" The good news: this is not some nostalgicclass reunion or attempt to rekindle past glories. True, Volume 4 hasits retro moments, but it's very much a Joe Jackson Band album for 2003,with the same high standard of writing and playing that made the group standapart from many of its punk and new wave peers during the late '70s andearly '80s.

Jackson and company rant and rave through rockers such as "Take It Likea Man," "Little Bit Stupid," "Awkward Age," "DirtyMartini" and "Bright Grey" but also deftly handle the ringingmid-tempo of "Still Alive" and the rolling ska of the hilarious suburbansocial commentary "Thugs R Us." "Chrome" and "BlueFlame," meanwhile, are gentle paeans whose tempos are off-set by edgy relationshiplyrics.

Throughout the album Jackson portrays the nerdy wallflower of his first albumsgrown into adulthood. "You look at me like I know what's going on/I'm looking back and I wonder what went wrong," he sings in "AwkwardAge." But we wouldn't have it any other way; lyrical self-doubts aside,Jackson and his band still look sharp after all these years.
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