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Soul Asylum - Say What You Will Clarence


Format: CD
Catalog: 584039
Rel. Date: 07/01/1991
UPC: 035058403923

Say What You Will Clarence
Artist: Soul Asylum
Format: CD
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''Say What You Will Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck'' is the debut album from Soul Asylum.<br />

The album was originally released as ''Say What You Will... Everything Can Happen'' on August 24, 1984. This album sold 6,738 vinyl copies and 2,639 cassettes before being released (along with 5 additional tracks) on CD in 1988. The listing below includes the extra tracks and is the CD version. The album is "out of print" in the vinyl and cassette formats.

''"Karl Sold the Truck"'' refers to bassist Karl Mueller selling their Chevrolet pickup truck for a larger Dodge van which would be their transportation for their 1984 tour.

All 5 songs that were added to this release were included on Soul Asylum's 1986 cassette-only (b-side/demo/outtake) album ''Time's Incinerator''.

The album was produced by Hüsker Dü's Bob Mould. - Wikipedia

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