Format: CD
Label: GEF
Catalog: 2019
Rel. Date: 03/19/1991
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Wild Things Run Fast
Artist: Joni Mitchell
Format: CD
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''Wild Things Run Fast'' is Joni Mitchell's eleventh studio and her first for Geffen Records. Released in 1982, it represents her departure from jazz to a more 80s pop sound.

The resulting world tour took Mitchell through the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. A video of the tour was released in 1983, entitled ''Refuge of the Roads''. The recorded performances were not live but recorded in a studio once the tour had been completed, with applause dubbed-in in post production. There was also some Super 8 footage taken by Mitchell on the road. It has since been released on DVD.

Mitchell claimed that her inspiration for the album came from hearing the music of popular bands such as Steely Dan, Talking Heads and The Police at a discothèque during a trip to the Caribbean in 1981. She said that hearing The Police, especially, affected her sound, saying, "their rhythmic hybrids, and the positioning of the drums, and the sound of the drums, was one of the main calls out to me to make a more rhythmic album". - Wikipedia