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K-Os - Joyful Rebellion


Format: CD
Catalog: 64797
Rel. Date: 09/21/2004
UPC: 724386479723

Joyful Rebellion
Artist: K-Os
Format: CD
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"There's eclectic, and then there's just plain confusing. Toronto-based MC K-os front-loads his sophomore effort with a slow-jam dirge rap, a garage-rock-reggae lament, a Chic-funk burner and something that sounds suspiciously like the Cure's ""Love Cats."" Each of these-and subsequent cuts like Bomb Squad debris ""B-Boy Stance"" and the squeaky-clean crunk (crober?) of ""Dirty Water""-sound more like obligatory demographic-fishing than genuine stylistic explorations, and that dulls whatever impact K-os' vocals might have. Which ain't much-as an MC, he's developed an uncanny resemblance to a dispassionate Mos Def, and as a singer he needs every multitrack he can get. 2002's Exit was a solid debut, rarely overreaching despite severe earnestness; here K-os tacks a ""self"" onto his righteousness. "
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