Licensed To Ill


Format: CD
Label: DEF JAM
Catalog: 527351
Genre: Rap/HipHop
Rel. Date: 03/28/1995
UPC: 731452735126

Licensed To Ill
Artist: Beastie Boys
Format: CD
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The joke of Licensed to Ill's cover--that the Beasties could crash their jet into the side of a mountain and keep on tickin'--serves as a good metaphor for a career that even some of their 1986 admirers thought might be over after the one-time-only shock of this full-length debut. That thousands of funk-junkie wannabes have since failed at re-creating its groove, breaking-the-law vibe, and ear-splitting mix of rock and rap is an even better joke. And funniest of all is the record itself, which packs dexterous boasts, aural puns, and lots and lots of yelling into a disc that can still be listened to with as much pleasure as it gave in '86.


''Licensed to Ill'' is the debut album by the Beastie Boys, released in 1986.

It is the first rap LP to top the Billboard 200 chart. It is Columbia Records' fastest selling debut record to date and sold over 9 million copies. - Wikipedia