Artist: Bill Withers
Format: Digital


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''+'Justments'' is a 1974 album by Bill Withers, released by Sussex Records.<br/>

Legal tussles between Withers and Sussex prevented further recording sessions until Columbia signed the singer a year later. Columbia bought Withers' back catalog, re-releasing his earlier hit records, but ''+'Justments'' was not reissued on CD until 2010.

The album cover shows Withers writing the following explanation of the title:<br/>

"Life like most precious gifts gives us the responsibility of upkeep. We are given the responsibility of arranging our own spaces to best benefit our survival. We have the choice of believing or not believing in things like God, friendship, marriage, love, lust or any number of simple but complicated things. We will make some mistakes both in judgement and in fact. We will help some situations and hurt some situations. We will help some people and hurt some people and be left to live with it either way. We must then make some adjustments, or as the old people back home would call them, 'JUSTMENTS."<br/>

"Can We Pretend" features José Feliciano on guitar. - Wikipedia