Songs From The Arc Of Life


Format: CD
Genre: Classical
Rel. Date: 09/18/2015
UPC: 888751031623

Songs From The Arc Of Life
Artist: Yo-Yo Ma & Kathryn Stott
Format: CD
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1. Ave Maria
2. Lullaby (Wiegenlied, Op. 49, No. 4)
3. Songs My Mother Taught Me (from "Gypsy Songs", Op. 55, No. 4)
4. Papillon, Op. 77
5. Tango Jalousie
6. I. Vanitas vanitatum (from "Five Pieces in the Popular Style", Op. 102)
7. Was it a Dream?, Op. 37, No. 4
8. AprŤs un rÍve, Op. 7, No. 1
9. Salut d'Amour, Op. 12
10. Prelude No. 1 (from "Three Preludes")
11. Romance for Cello and Piano
12. La Gitana
13. Il bell'Antonio, Tema III

More Info:

Longtime friends, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Kathryn Stott, create a unique classical music experience with their new recording, Songs from the Arc of Life. The album includes pieces they have frequently performed but never recorded, as well as a handful of discoveries. Songs from the Arc of Life begins and ends with two, much-beloved settings of the traditional "Ave Maria," opening with the soaring, radiant Bach/Gounod arrangement and closing with Schubert's more serene, contemplative version. In between is a remarkable spectrum of music that includes such enduring favorites as Brahms' "Lullaby," DvorŠk's "Songs My Mother Taught Me," Elgar's "Salut d'amour," Gade's "Jalousie" and Saint-SaŽns' "The Swan," as well as richly evocative works by Debussy, Delius, Faurť, Gershwin, Grieg, Kriesler, Messaien, Schumann, Sibelius and Tchaikovsky. Ma and Stott also include a haunting piece by the contemporary composer Giovanni Sollima, a friend and colleague of both artists.