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For the better part of a decade, LA's scrappy rock n' roll mystics Death Valley Girls have used their music as a means of tapping into a communal cosmic energy. On albums like Glow In The Dark (2016), Darkness Rains (2018), and Under the Spell of Joy (2020) the band challenged the soul-crushing banality of modern society and celebrated "true magical infinite potential" through a collage of scorching proto-punk riffs, earworm melodies, far-out lyrics, and lysergic auxiliary instrumentation. But on their latest album Islands in the Sky, Death Valley Girls' songwriting mastermind Bonnie Bloomgarden uses the band's anthemic revelries as a guidebook to spiritual healing and a roadmap for future incarnations of the self. And while these may be the loftiest aims of Death Valley Girls to date, the resulting music is also by far their most infectious and celebratory.
Death Valley Girls - Islands In The Sky - Neon Orange/green Splatter
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Gina Birch

I Play My Bass Loud [LP]

Vinyl: $24.99 UNAVAILABLE
London-based Gina Birch began her storied career in music in 1977 when she formed the feminist punk band The Raincoats with fellow Hornsey School of Art student, Ana da Silva. Gina and Ana witnessed an early performance by The Slits and although neither of them knew how to play any instruments, they knew they had to start a band. Just months after they picked up their instruments they were on stage doing their thing around London and the UK in the fledgling and groundbreaking punk rock scene. The Raincoats quickly developed a large and loyal groups of fans and supporters, among them Red Krayola, Swell Maps and Geoff Travis and his new record label, Rough Trade. The Raincoats went on to record 3 albums for Rough Trade that are frequently found on lists of the most important records of the punk rock era and are still name checked as influences by artists today.
In September of 2021, Gina released her first ever solo single, Feminist Song, on Third Man Records in celebration of the opening of their brand new London location. In February of 2023, Third Man will release Gina’s brand new and first ever solo full length album, I Play My Bass Loud, recorded by Martin “Youth” Glover from Killing Joke and featuring Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth.
Gina Birch - I Play My Bass Loud [LP]
$24.99 Video
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Electrified harp, funky vibes, Japanese koto, and more - all wrapped up in Chicago soul arrangements from the legendary Richard Evans. Easily the funkiest record ever from the legendary Dorothy Ashby - a set of all-original tunes based on the writings of Omar Khayyam, done in trans-cultural blend that inflects Ashby's jazz roots with Eastern-styled instrumentation - and sends the whole thing home with beats and grooves on the bottom. Produced and arranged by Chicago soul legend Richard Evans! Heavy funk with harp, vibes, flute, and more!
Dorothy Ashby - Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby (Can)
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Swinging Stars [LP]

Vinyl: $31.99 UNAVAILABLE
In the past, Mapache recording sessions have been pretty laid-back affairs, with friends coming and going, the sessions starting and stopping at the band's discretion-as relaxed a process as the immaculately sunny vibes that their four albums would suggest. But on their dynamic and ambitious fifth album of cosmic-folk, Swinging Stars, Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch decided to take a trip and hunker down somewhere particularly special. "It's a pretty impactful place," Finch says of the Panoramic House, the artist retreat where Swinging Stars was recorded. "It's kind of dramatic. It's a castle-y building on a hill, way up overlooking the Bay." Located in Stinson Beach in Marin County, California, the Panoramic House has recently hosted acts like My Morning Jacket, the War on Drugs, and Cate Le Bon, and was the ideal combination of scenic beauty and self-imposed confinement to allow Mapache to settle in for their most cohesive album yet. "That environment yields itself to a higher level of focus because everybody's together for a week," says Finch, explaining that the band stayed there during the process, sharing every bit of their time and energy on a shared vision. "We were all captive. No one could escape," he laughs. Swinging Stars, an album of calm, second-nature swagger, is the natural result of a band that's existed in one form or another for it's founders' entire adult lives. Finch and Blasucci first met as students at La Cañada High School, just north of Los Angeles, where they both had a guitar class: "There wasn't much supervision or anything," remembers Blasucci. "It was really nice. And we got to just play guitars together."
Mapache - Swinging Stars [LP]
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Militarie Gun are a truly uncategorizable band. Led by vocalist Ian Shelton, the band’s debut full-length, Life Under The Gun, is forged by a lifetime of experience and effort, offering 12 tracks that manage to blend the unbridled aggression of hardcore with massive hooks and personality to spare.
Militarie Gun - Life Under The Gun [LP]
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Samiam are a post punk/indie rock institution. Forming almost three decades ago, the group moulded their unique style playing early on with bands like Jawbreaker, Seaweed, Green Day and Bad Religion.Over the years, they had mainstream radio play with songs like“Capsized”and “She Found You”, released eight full-length albums and continue to play to passionate fans all over the world. Started by Jason Beebout (vocals) and Sergie Loobkoff (guitar) in 1988, the band’s current lineup also features longtime guitarist/vocalist Sean Kennerly as well as more recent additions of bassist Chad Darby and drummer Colin Brooks.They have refined their brand of post-hardcore/alternative/emo/indie rock over the years and are just as powerful now as they were during their heyday in the late nineties. If anything, they sound more relevant than ever before

Samiam - Stowaway [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow/Orange LP]
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Vinyl LP pressing. Includes booklet. 2023 release. Celebrating 40 eventful years of existence, Canada's progressive sci-fi metal innovators Voivod present their special Anniversary release "Morgöth Tales", which includes fresh studio (re-)recordings by the band's current line-up of 9 especially selected, not-so- obvious picks from the band's hyper-classy and extremely diverse back catalogue (between 1984 and 2003) as well as a brand- new song in the album's title-track, "Morgöth Tales". "Morgöth Tales" features special guest appearances by former Voivod members Eric "E-Force" Forrest (E-Force, vocals on "Rise") and Jason "Jasonic" Newsted (ex- Metallica / Flotsam And Jetsam, bass on "Rebel Robot"). "Morgöth Tales" succeeds Voivod's 15th (!) much acclaimed and Juno Awards nominated studio album "Synchro Anarchy" (2022), which reached #7 in the official album sales charts in Germany.
Voivod - Morgoth Tales [LP]
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The Murder Capital’s second studio album Gigi’s Recovery, produced by John Congleton, will be released on January 20, 2023 via Human Season Records. The black LP will be housed in a printed inner sleeve in a single-pocket jacket. Painting by Peter Doyle and designed by Aidan Cochrane.

The Murder Capital - Gigi's Recovery [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Pink LP]
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Coming February 10 2023: the first new studio album in five years from Yo La Tengo, This Stupid World. Recorded at YLT’s practice space in Hoboken NJ, the new material captures the collaborative energy and eclecticism that has defined the band’s career as it enters its 40th year. The double LP features a 10th track on Side D available exclusively on vinyl. The trio returns to NYC’s Bowery Ballroom for their storied annual eight-night Hanukkah residency this December before touring across North America throughout 2023.

Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World
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What Kind of Blue Are You?, Winter's sophomore release with Bar/None Records, is an emotional excavation of Samira Winter's purest self. It's another stunning work in a canon that's established her as one of Los Angeles' most enduring, consistently-head-turning dream poppers, the melancholy and bittersweet beauty that's been with her throughout Winter's existence now pushed to center stage. Musically, the LP's 10 songs reconnect with the earliest incarnation of Winter, re-emerging as an in-control 1991 songstress incarnate for the modern era. Whereas 2020's Endless Space (Between You and I) was steeped in fairytale surrealism and springlike grace, her latest offering is crystalline and brave, songs streamlined and saturated to their inner blue core, Winter's smoldering shadow self.
Winter - What Kind Of Blue Are You?
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Everything but the Girl return in 2023 with the new album Fuse, after a 24-year hiatus. Written and produced by Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn over the spring-summer of 2021, Fuse is a modern take on the lustrous electronic soul the band first pioneered in the mid-90s. Thorn's affecting and richly textured voice is once again up front in Watt's glimmering landscape of sub-bass, sharp beats, half-lit synths and empty space, and as before, the result is the sound of a band comfortable with being both sonically contemporary, yet agelessly themselves.

Everything But The Girl - Fuse [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Signed LP]
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Over the course of a 19-year career, Marshall Watson has released all manner of musical treats for a similarly wide array of labels, yet it's the effortless beauty of his downtempo works - and particularly his ambient and Balearic excursions - that have often left a lasting impression. It certainly caught the attention of NuNorthern Soul founder Phil Cooper, who brought the West Coast producer to the label in the summer of 2021. That EP, Sunsets on Larkin Parts 1 & 2, was undeniably special. The same can be said about his belated return to the label, Foothills, an EP packed to the rafters with slow-burn melodies, sustained chords, becalmed textures and gently unwinding grooves. Watson's distinctive take on Balearic naturally comes to the fore on EP opener 'High Desert', a soft-focus delight where languid electric guitars, starry electric piano lines, echoing chords and gently pulsing electronics stretch out across a shuffling groove. While tailor-made for watching the sun set off his beloved Pacific Coast - and over the Mediterranean Sea - 'High Desert' offers a dose of hazy sonic sunshine that can brighten up even the greyest of days. Fittingly, the accompanying remix comes from long-time friends of the label Seahawks, whose textured, layered and atmospheric productions similarly blur boundaries between Balearic, ambient, pitched-down dancefloor grooves and glassy-eyed psychedelia. Employing opaque, shape-shifting pads, effects-laden guitars, subtle spoken word snippets and yearning, almost melancholic chords - all atop a crunchy, head-nodding beat and toasty bassline - the duo deliver a remix that's as emotive and sonically stunning as Watson's original mix.

Marshall Watson - Foothills EP [Vinyl]
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Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Jalen perform live knows that he is one of the most captivating performers on today's soul scene. His upcoming full length debut on Daptone Records is equal parts raw feeling and elegance and exudes confidence and charm. Over the last few months he has disarmed packed rooms of rowdy concert goers, leaving them silent as they hold fast to every syllable sung. Recorded at Hive Mind Studios in Brooklyn, NY, with the help of producer/arrangers Mike Buckley and Vincent Chiarito (both members of Charles Bradley's Extraordinaires) and crack team of a-list musicians, his upcoming album blends heavy arrangements and introspective lyrics with sophistication, leaving the listener in a blissful wash of wonderment. Now with a massively successful US tour opening for sweet soul darlings Thee Sacred Souls behind him, 2023 is sure to be a propitious year for Daptone's newest signee.

Jalen Ngonda - Come Around And Love Me [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Purple LP]
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Last November in London, Cat Power took the stage at Royal Albert Hall and delivered a song-for-song recreation of one of the most fabled and transformative live sets of all time. Held at the Manchester Free Trade Hall in May 1966—but long known as the “Royal Albert Hall Concert” due to a mislabeled bootleg—the original performance saw Bob Dylan switching from acoustic to electric midway through the show, drawing ire from an audience of folk purists and forever altering the course of rock-and-roll. In her own rendition of that historic night, the artist otherwise known as Chan Marshall inhabited each song with equal parts conviction and grace and a palpable sense of protectiveness, ultimately transposing the anarchic tension of Dylan’s set with a warm and luminous joy. Now captured on the live album Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert, Marshall’s spellbinding performance both lovingly honors her hero’s imprint on history and brings a stunning new vitality to many of his most revered songs.

Cat Power - Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition White 2LP]
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The surprise companion to The National’s April release First Two Pages of Frankenstein, Laugh Track is the band’s most freewheeling, all-hands-on-deck album in years. If Frankenstein represented a rebuilding of trust between group members after 20+ years together, the vibrant, exploratory Laugh Track is both the product of that faith and a new statement of intent. Reveling in the license to radically upend its creative process, The National honed most of this material in live performances on tour, and captured those invigorated versions in impromptu sessions at producer Tucker Martine’s Portland studio. Two nights later in Vancouver, the nearly eight-minute album closer “Smoke Detector” was recorded during soundcheck, completing a body of work bristling with spontaneity and vintage rock energy that makes a perfect complement to the songs found on its more introspective predecessor.
The National - Laugh Track [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear Pink 2LP]
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The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways, and it fills me with such excitement to announce that my version of it will be out October 27th. To be perfectly honest, this is my most FAVORITE re-record I’ve ever done because the 5 From The Vault tracks are so insane. I can’t believe they were ever left behind. But not for long! Pre-order 1989 (Taylor’s Version) now.

Package details:
1989 (Taylor’s Version) Vinyl
21 Songs
Including 5 previously unreleased songs from The Vault
1 of 4 Editions: Collectible album gatefold jacket with unique front and back cover art
2 Crystal Skies Blue vinyl discs
1 of 4 Editions: Collectible album sleeves including lyrics and never-before-seen photos for each version

Taylor Swift - 1989: Taylor's Version [2LP]
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CD: $14.99 Buy

‘VOLCANO’ follows Jungle’s previous album ‘Loving In Stereo’, which proved to be a landmark moment for the acclaimed UK duo. It achieved their highest domestic UK chart position to date debuting at #3, while also achieving their best ever album chart positions in key international territories such as Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands; and in the US it catapulted to #1 on the Billboard Dance Albums chart which led to major Arena shows as guests to Billie Eilish. The free-spirited energy that runs right through ‘VOLCANO’ reflects how organically it came together. J and T had written most of the record on tour before starting the recording process while staying in an Airbnb in Los Angeles. It was later completed back home in London at their favourite location, Studio B at Metropolis Studios. This time around, the duo wanted to include a wider variety of voices within the album. In addition to Erick The Architect, they reunited with Bas (who previously featured on the ‘Loving In Stereo’ single ‘Romeo’) for ‘Pretty Little Thing’, as well as calling on talents in the shape of Roots Manuva, Channel Tres and JNR Williams.

Jungle - Volcano
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Jessie Ware releases her 5th studio album That! Feels Good! on April 28, 2023. It’s the follow-up to 2020’s What’s Your Pleasure? which proved her status as one of the U.K.’s most influential artists and became her highest charting album to date. Last year saw Jessie support juggernaut Harry Styles in the U.S. on tour, gain 2.4 billion global streams and complete a fantastic run of live shows, including career-defining sets at Glastonbury and Primavera Sound. Jessie Ware continues to cement herself as a formidable force at the forefront of pop.

Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good! [LP]
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In July of 2022, just one month before jaimie branch’s death sent shockwaves around the world, the trumpet player and composer was in Chicago at International Anthem (IARC) studios putting finishing touches on an album. It was a suite of music she had composed and then recorded with her flagship ensemble, Fly or Die, over the course of a residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. In her wake, the album was near complete, with only mixing tweaks, final titles, and artwork to be fully realized. In the months following, her family (led by sister Kate Branch), her band (Jason Ajemian, Lester St. Louis, and Chad Taylor), and her collaborators at IARC (engineers Dave Vettraino and David Allen, comrades Alejandro Ayala and Scott McNiece) banded together to gather memories, texts, emails, photographs, artwork and fragments belonging to jaimie to light the path forward. The goal was always to do what jaimie would have done. Packaged in stunning artwork by John Herndon, Damon Locks, and branch herself, Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) is jaimie’s final album with the quartet.
Jaimie Branch - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war))
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The third LP from Black Market Brass is a new take on afrobeat that combines traditional grooves with heavy, hypnotic, sci-fi sounds that reflect the band's myriad of influences as record collectors across genres. 

Black Market Brass - Hox [Antifreeze Green LP]
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It's only fitting that Khruangbin’s first-ever official live releases would be albums paired with their tourmates: artists whose music they love and admire, friends who’ve become family along the way. Khruangbin’s series of live LPs traces just one small slice of the band’s flight plan through the years: it’s a taste of some of their most beloved cities, stages and nights. Each release comes with a limited-edition unique album cover exclusive for the recording’s home turf, just a little something extra for the fans that bring a little something extra. Most of all, this series ignites both sides of the band’s magic: the warm, prismatic feeling of their albums and the bewitching energy of their performances.

‘Live at RBC Echo Beach’ features performances by Men I Trust and Khruangbin.

Khruangbin & Men I Trust - Live at RBC Echo Beach [LP]
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"After the monumental success and critical acclaim of Cocoa Sugar, Mercury Prize winning Edinburgh trio Young Fathers will release their highly anticipated sixth studio album, Heavy Heavy. Made up of Alloysious Massaquoi, Graham ‘G’ Hastings and Kayus Bankole, Young Fathers have long been recognised as one of Britain’s most vital and distinguished bands - merging incendiary and thought provoking lyrics with cutting edge visuals and an undeniable propulsive live show. Written and recorded over the course of three years, Heavy Heavy is a tour de force from the trio. An unashamedly soulful and heartfelt album, where the drums set the scene throughout to transport the listener to a place of celebration and awakening.

Cocoa Sugar received huge press support from Entertainment Weekly, Pitchfork (7.3/10), NPR, Pop Matters (9/10 - “This album will resonate for years to come""), Under The Radar (8.5/10), Exclaim (9/10), Northern Transmissions (8/10), New York Times Magazine Music Issue, The Fader, Stereogum, Noisey, Hypebeast, Past and more. The band have had multiple sold out headline shows (Elsewhere in Brooklyn (The New Yorker praising the group’s “impressive ease"" and “versatility that can be heard in the pop harmonies and stomping rhythms that seem to glue their avant sounds together.”) and Moroccan Lounge in LA), support for LCD Soundsystem and Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Hollywood Bowl as well as a SXSW performance for the New York Times showcase, KEXP live session and performance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Prior to Cocoa Sugar, Young Fathers released the Mercury Prize winning album DEAD in 2014 followed by the seminal White Men Are Black Men Too in 2015. Before these albums the band released two now-legendary mixtapes Tape One in 2011 and Tape Two in 2013, the latter of which also won Scottish Album of the Year."

Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red LP]
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Karen y Los Remedios: blending cumbia and existentialismBehind Karen's pulsating spectral voice lies vulnerability, contemplation and longing. Chameleon-like foundations explore cumbia in it's many forms, crossing the continent with Norteño airs, pitched-down rebajados, psychedelia and even traditional Peruvian music, taking in ballads, Afro-Latin percussion, reggaeton and the more electronic sounds of dream-pop, trip hop and downtempo. A mystical, motley mixture, the ideal soundscape to fight the voices in your head while you melt on the dancefloor and scare away the ghosts of your past, your body surrendering to the dance.That's pretty much Karen y Los Remedios, the project led by Ana Karen G Barajas, an artist and arts and social sciences researcher born in Mexico City and raised in Guanajuato, in the company of Mexico City native Jonathan Muriel (Jiony) and guitarist Guillermo Berbeyer (Z.A.M.P.A.), who after many years on Mexico's alternative scene decided to get together and bring this existential cumbia project to life. While Karen and Jiony first worked together in 2009, it wasn't until a mutual friend brought them together in 2016 that they created the instrumental EP Dónde Dormir, released by the VAA label (Various Artists) which Jiony co-founded, specializing in electronic music with elements of Nu-jazz, techno, funk, trip hop and traditional Latin music fused with electronic textures. Z.A.M.P.A. released his first EP with VAA before gradually getting involved in the arrangements for Karen y Los Remedios.Before that, Ana Karen had worked on projects like Internet del Futuro, Perro y Juan, Karen and more. Jiony had reached double figures in solo records and collaborated on projects like CasaNegra, Ser Humano and Extraperrestre, while Guillermo put out post-rock and trip hop with the Z.A.M.P.A. project, produced by Rafael Durand and Fernando González. The stars finally aligned and Karen y Los Remedios was born, partly because of the three members' relationship with the VAA label, but mostly because Ana Karen was working and studying in China and needed to make cumbia and connect with her roots. The band now has two EPs: Botanas, Vol15, a powerful exploration of cumbia released by the Shika Shika label in 2020, and Recuerdos de Expiación, released independently in 2021 with a more experimental vibe closer to lo-fi hip hop. *After a process of introspection during the pandemic, Karen y Los Remedios present their first long play, Silencio, an album of nine mostly unreleased songs and two bonus tracks, "Canario" and "Presagio," taken from their first EP.The band say their intention with this album is to "speak about the moments when we pause to think about ourselves, to see what is really troubling us, whatever that may be. It's that vulnerability you find when there's no sound in your mind, when you speak honestly about your desires, emotions and feelings. A place where "silence is as meaningful as sound." So the themes in the album have a lot to do with the process of feeling, whether it's falling in love, disillusionment or the essence of living. It's a melancholy record that makes you dance away the pain, but also offers paths to healing in these hectic times, where loneliness has become a recurring theme, a personal exploration of the constant uncertainty of the pandemic.Silencio speaks of these deep wounds. It's about how kindness can give you back your faith in humanity in "Te Pido a Tí"; the feeling of rejection and self-love in "Mi Gran Dolor"; living and pleasing no one but yourself in "Silencio"; feeling things again that you missed about yourself in "Cartas Marinas"; but also the pain when love dies in "Lagrimas" and the longing for a healing love in "Presagio." An intimate, urgent record for these unstable times. Silencio will be released by ZZK Records on vinyl and all digital platforms on September 8th, 2023.
Karen Y Los Remedios - Silencio - Black & Blue Galaxy Effect (Blk) (Blue)
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Genre: Post-hardcore, punk, metal, rock 

Produced by Dirt Russell & Z.V. House

Engineered & mixed by Z.V. House at Rabbitbrush Audio

Artwork by Miguel Angel Almeida

Get the hammer down, people, please. Be aware, be awake, be alive. Dirt Russell can help. You are in the presence of serious RAWK here, by two people who know things, and get down to it. You have to love it. You have no choice. They are the hammer, you are the nail, and they will deliver. Every time.

Dirt Russell - Outside Dogs

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