Right Now


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/06/2019
UPC: 000000013744

Right Now
Artist: Addam Chavarria
Format: CD
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1. Diamond For Scum
2. Dream You Away
3. Move The World
4. I'm Not A Slave
5. Fade
6. Shiver
7. Lead Into Gold
8. Right Now
9. 1:00 am


Addam Chavarria guitar, vocals

Wade Ronsse, drums

Todd Dunnigan, keyboard

Jacob Fredrickson, bass

Recorded at SACA Entertainment by Nick Maimer

More Info:

If you haven’t heard of Addam Chavarria, you are missing out on an incredible local talent. Addam is a local singer and songwriter here in the Treasure Valley and one of the most beautiful voices you will ever hear. He is a man of many talents as well he plays piano, guitar, ukulele, and bass to add on to his already fantastic talent of singing! I asked him how he got started, and he said “When I was 7 I had a keyboard and learned to play by ear. By 16 I got my first guitar and taught myself to play and decided to take choir. Once I turned 17, I would play in the streets in downtown Boise and get noticed by a few bar owners. Played my first show at The Reef.” I find it impressive that he taught himself and had become so talented without professional lessons. He is inspired to continue to sing and write because of his love for making music. He said, “If I could die making music then that’s a life well lived for me.” It inspires me as well knowing how he started and how much love he has for his craft. He is so good that he has already performed at 270 shows this year! -Nick Rohall Go Out Local