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Format: CD
Label: Hannibal
Catalog: 1443
Rel. Date: 06/22/1999
UPC: 031257144322

Artist: Ali Farka Touré
Format: CD
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1. Ali's Here
2. Allah Uya
3. Mali Dje
4. Saukare
5. Hilly Yoro
6. Tulumba
7. Instumental
9. Jangali Famata
10. Howkouna
11. Cousins
12. Pieter Botha


''Niafunké'' is an album by Ali Farka Touré, released in 1999. The title reflects the name of the village in Mali where it was recorded. As the album It is largely a traditional album concerning Mali.

Within the CD pamphlet Touré discusses his motivation for creating the album and how the music might relate to its audience. Touré states, "This record is more real, more authentic. It was recorded in the place where the music belongs - deep Mali. We were in the middle of the landscape which inspired the music and that in turn inspired myself and the musicians. My music is about where I come from and our way of life and it is full of important messages for Africans. In the West perhaps this music is just entertainment and I don't expect people to understand. But I hope some might take the time to listen and learn."

Niafunké marks the first of a series of albums he recorded towards the end of his career in his home town. The album was released around the same time he retired to his farm in a remote region of Mali. - Wikipedia

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