Format: CD
Label: ANTI
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 09/09/2016
UPC: 045778725922

Artist: Wilco
Format: CD
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1. Normal American Kids
2. If I Ever Was a Child
3. Cry All Day
4. Common Sense
5. Nope
6. Someone to Lose
7. Happiness
8. Quarters
9. Locator
10. Shrug and Destroy
11. We Aren't the World (Safety Girl)
12. Just Say Goodbye
13. Give Me Some Hydro
14. Still Creepin On Ah Come Up
15. Stackin That Paper (Bonus Track)
16. We Are Warriors (Bonus Track)

More Info:

Schmilco is the upcoming tenth studio from Wilco featuring the tracks "Locator" and "If I Ever Was A Child".The 12-track album, out September 9th, focuses on acoustic arrangements, with lyrics that explore self-identity and public perceptions of the group. "I think this record is 'joyously negative,'" Tweedy said of the album. "It's sad in a lot of ways but not in any that reach a conclusion of doom or hopelessness. I just had a lot of fun being sour about the things that upset me."