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Leonard Cohen - The Future [PA]


Format: CD
Label: Sbme/Columbia
Catalog: 53226
Rel. Date: 11/24/1992
UPC: 074645322629

The Future [PA]
Artist: Leonard Cohen
Format: CD
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''The Future'' is a record album from 1992 and is one of the most popular albums recorded by Leonard Cohen. It has come to be recognized as his essential "film-score" album as nearly every one of the songs on the album has appeared in some notable form in a Hollywood film.

Widely recognized as one of Cohen's more accessible albums, ''The Future'' contains everything from gospel-choir choruses (title track) to synthesizer ballads ("Waiting for the Miracle"), to pop-country ("Closing Time"), to marching band, staccato-like rhythms ("Democracy").

While not his most commercially successful album internationally, ''The Future'' is definitely one of his most musically diverse outings. The album was, however, one of Cohen's biggest chart successes in his native Canada, where "Closing Time" and "The Future" were both significant Top 40 hits . Cohen, whose singing voice is famously an acquired taste, won the 1992 Juno Award for ''Best Male Vocalist''. In his acceptance speech, he quipped that "only in Canada could I win a Best Vocalist award".

''The Future'' was the last Cohen album to be recorded and produced entirely in analog and then digitised after mixdown. Its working titles were ''Busted'' (after the line from "Closing Time") and ''Be for Real''.

Cohen's then-girlfriend, actress Rebecca De Mornay, co-produced the song "Anthem".

"Tacoma Trailer" is one of two instrumentals in the Cohen catalogue. The other is "Improvisation" from ''Live Songs''.

The album is silver in the UK and double-platinum in Canada.

''The Future'' was Cohen's longest album to date, at nearly sixty minutes. - Wikipedia

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