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Format: CD
Label: Epic (USA)
Catalog: 68018
Rel. Date: 03/03/1998
UPC: 074646801826

Crystal Planet
Artist: Joe Satriani
Format: CD
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''Crystal Planet'' is a 1998 instrumental rock album from guitarist Joe Satriani. It is likened to his classic 1989 release Flying in a Blue Dream in terms of sonics (returning from the blues/jazz toned "Joe Satriani", and the "big sounds" The Extremist) and songwriting, and features his first recorded use of a 7-string guitar (an Ibanez "Universe" model - this was before Ibanez had made him a custom "JS" seven-string) on the track "Ceremony". The track "Raspberry Jam Delta-V" is most likely a reference to the lethal amount of g-force taken from the book Endymion, by Dan Simmons, experienced by characters during planetary descent, which referred to the fact that if gravitational containment fields failed during descent, the crew would become likened in substance to raspberry jam.

This album is included in ''Joe Satriani Original Album Classics'' box set, released by Epic Records in 2008. - Wikipedia

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