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Third Eye Blind - Out of the Vein [Bonus DVD] [PA] [Limited]


Format: CD
Label: Elektra
Catalog: 62783
Rel. Date: 05/13/2003
UPC: 075596278324

Out of the Vein [Bonus DVD] [PA] [Limited]
Artist: Third Eye Blind
Format: CD
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Wow, Stephan Jenkins sure has kept himself busy since Third Eye Blind's lastrecord came out! In the past four years, the group's very own renaissance manhas found time to start a turf war with Matchbox Twenty's full-figured singerRob Thomas, spend Christmas in Hollis rapping with Run-DMC and act in a slewof straight-to-video b-movies. You gotta love a guy who can squander half analbum advance on aborted album sessions and spend the rest on a raccoon penisnecklace for his jailbait girlfriend. But seriously, what's a 38-year-old prettyboy with a wicked Byronic streak to do when his fur-trimmed coat starts to shed?Hire a firm to conduct marketing research to see what the fans really think.

Happily, the polls have closed and the results are on full display with Outof the Vein. Mystical mumbo-jumbo is very outré now that Ms. Cleo's behindbars, so "Crystal Baller"—the rumored title of the record—has beenreplaced with an "extreme" name that fully conveys the tortured depthsof Mr. Jenkins' mid-life crisis. Only 1% of Andrew W.K. fans actually boughtinto his meathead motif, so his contribution (backing vocals on "MessedUp Kid") has been mercifully cut. No one outside of New York City knowsabout the Moldy Peaches, so plushie enthusiast Kimya Dawson's lounge-inflectedvocals on "Self Righteous" shouldn't mystify anyone in America's heartland.Fred Durst would be a lot easier to tolerate if he just shut his trap, so hebreaks stuff with his guitar, not his mouth, on "Misfits." And whatof misanthropic Kevin Cadogan, the hook-happy guitarist who wrote or co-wroteevery single one of the group's hits to date? The remaining Third Eye Blindmembers voted him out before working on Out of the Vein because they thoughtthey'd prefer the way the group would sound if he wasn't in it. You won't.
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