Nouns (W/Book) (Dig)


Format: CD
Label: SUB POP
Catalog: 70772
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 05/06/2008
UPC: 098787077223

Nouns (W/Book) (Dig)
Artist: No Age
Format: CD
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The Sub Pop debut by this LA duo is succinctly all encompassing, from the faux simplicity of the title to the beautiful distortion of its sound, to the packaging that includes a 68-page full-color book packed with photos and art pieces. The record opens with a symphony of noise and sometimes creeps, sometimes smashes through a sonic headlock befitting "Daydream Nation"-era Sonic Youth, Kiwi pop, My Bloody Valentine, and experimental noise.


Verbs and adjectives, it should be common knowledge, suck. Without nouns, they wouldn’t even exist. Los Angelean duo No Age recognize this truism, and undoubtedly that’s why they bring it so hard. Guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt artfully assimilate explosive noise into pop templates, unleashing ripping solos that put most extreme practitioners to shame. If you dig Sonic Youth and Pavement, there’s no reason not to adopt these bastards as well. They’ll certainly keep you awake. In Stores May 6.