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Jerky Boys 4
Artist: Jerky Boys
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Cold Feet Lost Call
2. Need to Dance, The
3. Sol's Thermometer Mishap
4. Testing for Jeopardy (Incoming/Ad Response Call)
5. Dead Pet Removal
6. Little Elves
7. I'm a Diva (Incoming/Ad Response Call)
8. Boats Express
9. Hey Sir!
10. Kissel Sails Lost Call
11. Herman
12. Rizzo the Rainmaker (Incoming/Ad Response Call)
13. Bacon (Incoming/Ad Response Call)
14. Food and Drug Complaint
15. Hello Ray (The Phone Man)
16. Little Information, A (Incoming/Ad Response Call)
17. Trains Lost Call
18. Mining for Scotty
19. Mariposa Lost Call
20. Spider Monkey Lost Call (Pre-Bootleg)
21. Truck Registration Lost Call (Pre-Bootleg)
22. Sol's Turnstile
23. Laundromat Lost Call
24. Jerk Baby Jerk - (Bass Mix)

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